MENTAL HEALTH – A STIGMA OR A WARNING SIGN                  These are truly tough times. Corona pandemic, earthquakes in Delhi and other parts of India, Amphan and Nisarg storms in Bay of Bengal and Arabian seas respectively, people losing livelihood, struggling to go back to their hometown and a lot more. These miserable conditions are making the lives of many people stressful. The palpable load over mind is aggravating. This all seems endless and now the news of suicidal death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput is another unexpectedly upsetting. This ever-increasing melancholy along with the pandemic cases must be brought down here and now.                Nobody would have thought that such a promising and phenomenally successful actor and personality like him will take a step like committing suicide. Actually, words like committing suicide should also not be used as it is not a thing to be committed. However, the suicidal death of this actor left many questions unansw